Supporting a world where everything
is connected to the Internet.

With IoT, everything is connected to the Internet. This means the data volume generated on the Earth will increase tens of times the current size, which means our daily lives will undergo major changes. The more convenient the world becomes, the more sensations, excitement, and joy will flood the Earth. With super parallel, ultra-disperse, and ultrafast speed as our core competence, JIG-SAW supports and protects IoT and the digital universe ahead.


We provide security for the Internet (IoT)
and promote automation, decentralization,
and sharing in all industries.

JIG-SAW is a company whose mission is to provide security for the future of the Internet (IoT). Because the Internet has become a substantial part of society's infrastructure while its use has spread throughout the overall population and into many objects, we would like to contribute to a prosperous future by providing security for all activities on the Internet. System management supports the Internet in the era of data control. JIG-SAW promotes automation, decentralization, and sharing by all industries with our concept of A&A. In IoT, billions of people and trillions of objects on the Earth are connected to the Internet, followed by the world of DU: Digital Universe. Eyeing all of these, we continue to lead the next-generation of data control by researching, developing, and releasing various algorithms, cooperating in-depth with people in various positions throughout the world for systems and services, and always being aware of the next generation of technologies in the field of Internet (IoT) data control.


In the era of data control by A.I.

With IoT, everything is connected to the Internet. Conventional system management has changed into data control through AI and expanding into an incommensurable market. As everyone knows, the Internet has grown explosively on the Earth. We have entered the era of IoT where billions of people and trillions of objects are connected, which has penetrated deep into all industrial fields.

We are in the era of data control where trillions of things connected to the Internet are automatically supported by AI.

Our vision is focusing on all “things” connected to the Internet system across all industries and realizing IoT data control based on our concept of A&A.

IoT data control is the most important core for the Internet (IoT), which requires constant technological renovation and unprecedented innovation. Focusing on new services and the latest moves in the world, we have been contributing to automation, decentralization, and sharing of the IoT system connected to all industries based on basic and generic technology. Incorporating all of these into services for customers and evolving them into a vertically integrated model based on a variety of distributed technologies, we provide services in the firm belief that a future-oriented company should process all operations automatically, continue to transform itself, and grow exponentially. We are in the era of the Internet (IoT) for all industries, which is quite different from the history of the Internet and is followed by IoT data control. JIG-SAW is a future-oriented company that supports it. We hope you look forward to our efforts in the future.

Masunaru Yamakawa, President & CEO


Established November 1, 2001
Listing Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market (Code: 3914)
Director President & CEO Masunaru Yamakawa
Director Hiromichi Suzuki
Director Taisei Shiga
Fellow Fellow Hiroshi Tomita (Doctor of Philosophy in Medicine): Regenerative medicine area
Fellow Akihiko Soyama (former vice president of Johnson & Johnson): Regenerative medicine area
Business content IoT controlled by AI and A&A (Auto sensor-ing & Auto Direction) service for the whole IoT.
  • IoT big data control service by Ai
  • E2E (End-to-End) automatic data control service
    (Cell, living object, big data, cloud, server, NW, app, platform, security SW, IoT device, communication module etc.)
  • Secure data control in edge computing (MEC basis)
  • R&D of next-generation OS and DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and communication modules, etc.
  • Therapy and drug development by directly controlling cells and living objects by software and AI
  • Medical big data sharing service
  • Automation, decentralization, and sharing in all industries based on business system optimization control and operation technology Operation Technology (OT)
Tokyo headquarters: Otemachi Financial City Grand Cube 18F, 1-9-2, Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 100-0004
Sapporo head office: 8•3 Square North Building 7F, 32, N8W3, Kita-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan, 060-0808
Overseas base: 95131 2107 N 1st St. Suite, San Jose, CA (US)
Consulting lawyer Mori Hamada & Matsumoto,
Toranomon Partners Law Firm
Main bank MUFG Bank Ltd., Sumitomo Mitsui Banking, Mizuho Bank
Member organization Japan Business Federation (Keidanren)
ISMS certification Registration number IR0038
Notification Electronic communications company Notification number J-17396
Group company Mobicomm Inc.
Operating website Corporate website

Original automatically operated platform: puzzle

Cloud server IoT fully-managed service OPS

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) fully-managed service "clonos"

World’s first and leading-edge IoT platform: Litmus Automation


  • President & CEO

    Masunaru Yamakawa

    Graduated from the Faculty of Law of Kwansei Gakuin University in 1989. Entered Recruit Co., Ltd. (present Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.) the same year. Employed by transcosmos inc. in 2000. Assumed the position of director of the company in 2002. Assumed the position of president & CEO of the company in 2008 (present post) after assuming the position of director of the company in 2005.

  • Director

    Hiromichi Suzuki

    Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Keio University in 2006. Entered Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (present Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC). Provided support for the offering of stock to the public and legal audits. Joined our company in 2012. Assumed the position of director (present position) in 2013.

  • Director and Doctor of Engineering

    Taisei Shiga

    Graduated from Faculty of Engineering, Muroran Institute of Technology in 1998. Entered SEC Corporation Ltd. Developed mobile phone exchange software and self-developed products. Entered the graduate school doctoral program, Faculty of Engineering, Muroran Institute of Technology in 2000. Engaged in the analysis of big data by remote sensing, such as brightness temperature data and satellite imagery data in the Antarctic Continent. Finished the program in 2004. Entered our company the same year. Engaged in R&D of OS, automatic direction, and IoT monitoring. Assumed the position of director in 2006 (current post).


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