Be a Path Finder
to the Connected World.

Ever since the arrival of the Internet, our lifestyles have continued to change at an intense rate. Things have changed to such an extent that we cannot imagine our everyday lives or lifestyles without it. The idea of a world without smartphones, also seems like a memory of the distant past.

Despite these changes, however, the real major revolution to be brought about by the Internet is yet to come. The singularity begins from here. We are entering the era of IoT (the Internet of Things) and distributed edge computing; post-classical computing taking the place of the current paradigm of centralized computing. We ourselves will be thrown into the world of human augmentation, in which the functions and abilities of human beings can be enhanced by computers.

The dawn of this IoT era, in which all devices, equipment, objects, living things and human bodies will be connected to the Internet network, will be of a different order of magnitude from the current one maybe unneeded.
JIG-SAW holds the keys to this new era in the form of miniscule software (algorithms) that can be embedded in all manner of objects, and proprietary technologies for monitoring, operating and controlling the massive amounts of data that can be obtained from them.

By connecting and controlling all type of devices, equipment and things (IoT), together with living creatures and people (IoA: the Internet of Abilities), JIG-SAW aims to continue supporting the stream of innovative new technologies and services that will be launched around the world and become one of the key players in leading humanity to a future the likes of which it has never experienced before.