Based on its proprietary core technology, JIG-SAW has launched a string of new projects that are some of the most progressive in the industry and delivering the greatest impact. These projects also play a key role in JIG-SAW’s core business operations in the digital universe.


NEW.VISION; software-based eyesight regeneration project
Bringing back light to the eyes of those who have lost their eyesight

NEW.VISION project is one aspect of JIG-SAW’s efforts in the field of human augmentation* and IoA (Internet of Abilities). The project aims to help the visually impaired restore their eyesight by using software control as a substitute for damaged photoreceptor cell functionality.
Human augmentation enables us to achieve things that were previously impossible, through the integration of humans with computers and software. This project constitutes an attempt at challenges that have yet to be attempted. The application and evolution of software technologies have brought us to a stage where we can pursue their clinical use. Based on these efforts, we will work to the very best of our ability to help those who are visually impaired regain their eyesight and see what is before them.

(*) Human augmentation: a technology paradigm in which computers and software are utilized not to perform tasks in place of humans, but to enhance and augment human functions and abilities

Researching, developing and
validating automated driving and piloting algorithms

Today, efforts aimed at achieving automated driving are underway at many locations around the globe. JIG-SAW is working first—to advance concrete efforts in the development of automated driving algorithms (software) in the field of construction machinery in specific zones, which it will be able to achieve at the earliest possible stage.

Groundbreaking image processing using computer vision technology

JIG-SAW has commenced R&D efforts to develop image processing technology (analog signal control) that will enable automated conversion control of image quality for Internet images and video at the TV level.(TV image processing level)

Overseas Corporate Investment

  • Shares in Litmus Automation: JIG-SAW is the first Japanese company to own shares in Litmus Automation (San Jose, USA)


    Litmus Automation is an IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) enterprise headquartered in Silicon Valley. Its services provide IIoT platforms that contribute greatly to the future of industry—primarily manufacturing—by connecting various industrial devices to the Internet.

  • Shares in ZecOps: JIG-SAW is the only Japanese company to own shares in ZecOps (San Francisco, USA)


    ZecOps is a cyber security company with business locations in San Francisco and London, which is active in stealth mode(*1) security.
    It operates at the same level as SOCs (Security Operation Centres) owned and operated by governments and major corporate enterprises, and is characterized by its ability to avoid threats to mobility and endpoint (edge) computing.

    (*1) Stealth mode: a state in which corporate activities and products are developed and expanded in secrecy, without being announced to the outside. Many powerful B2B Silicon Valley companies engage in stealth mode activities.