Exhibition at re:Invent 2018 (November 26th-30th, 2018, Las Vegas, USA) held by Amazon Web Services, Inc. Debut of a new IoT service for North American and global use.

JIG-SAW INC. (Headquarters in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan; Representative Director Masunaru Yamakawa) (hereinafter referred to as JIG-SAW) announces that the company will exhibit at re:Invent 2018, held by Amazon Web Services, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as AWS)*1

AWS re:Invent is a global conference that attracts many participants from around the world. The conference started in 2012, and this year will be their seventh conference. In 2017, the conference attracted 43,000 visitors and more than 60,000 live-streaming viewers, which carried the conference to a rousing finale. Developers and technical leaders gather from the AWS community for the event, providing over 3,000 sessions, including practical workshops, technical sessions for executives, and sessions with deeper technical contents addressing various subjects from architecture to operations.

JIG-SAW will exhibit its model for the North American release of “neqto” (Necto), an IoT communication control service at AWS re:Invent 2018. At the event, JIG-SAW will be solely exhibiting their in-house created IoT service.

neqto is a service that solves the problems faced by all industries, by providing methods for collecting, managing, and controlling IoT data and addresses development costs, technology shortcomings and time constraints. Combining our proven communication control embedded technology and our auto- management technology, we provide a mechanism to flexibly convert, process and maintain globally shared sensor and analog data.

Additionally, neqto, which provides end-to-end (E2E) collection and processing of data in all industries, is designed to carefully assess security risk in terms of safe data maintenance and data security by providing an environment to connect data to AWS, which offers 18 geographical regions (as of July 2018) around the world. To provide services in North America, neqto service supports overseas usage of control panels and payment processing by default. The neqto service particularly focuses on responding to the data and information management environment needed in North America and aims to continue to develop IoT services that solve technical problems and the ever-growing shortage in human resources. *1 Amazon Web Services and AWS are trademarks of, Inc. and its affiliate companies.

[About neqto]
A service for all hardware that offers a mechanism of communication control, provided by JIG-SAW.
Service Announcement URL: To Be Announced

[About JIG-SAW INC.] (
The next-generation A&A robot technology company that accelerates automation, decentralization, and sharing in all industries based on IoT data control by artificial intelligence, a fully automatic IoT platform of robotic software modules, distributed E2E data control architecture (distributed ledger), MEC (Mobile Edge Computing) base, next-generation real-time OS, leading-edge chip modules, and optimal control and operation of business systems for research and development of communication control technology “Operation Technology (OT)”.

Through balanced tuning of OS Software, and dedicated software and embedded technology developed by our group company, Mobicomm, our technologies include distributed edge high speed parallel processing technology, ultrafast communication technology, zero power consumption communication technology, and color and signal control technology.