JIG-SAW to Launch the IoT Embedding Engine, Which Enables IoT on All Types of Equipment

 JIG-SAW, today publicly announced the launch of its IoT Embedded Engine, to bring the power of IoT to equipments and devices of numerous types across industry verticals.

 JIG-SAW INC. (Headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan, hereinafter referred to as JIG-SAW) will start licensing of the “neqto engine”, an IoT embedded engine that is built around existing IoT service- neqto, utilizing RTOS-based unique edge control technology and realizing the application of IoT to any type of equipment/edge device. It is available through a subscription model to a wide range of industries in Japan and the USA beginning May 16, 2019.

 Utilization of the neqto engine will allow not only the immediate application of IoT to equipment that does not have an Internet connectivity, but also the installation of a remote control function using I/O (Input/Output), PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), and serial communication ports in users’ equipment, enabling real-time control from a user-owned cloud environment to an edge terminal.
 This engine can not only be embedded or incorporated at the time of equipment development but can also able to be embedded in an already developed equipment. It cannot only provide embedding and incorporation opportunities for new equipment being developed, but also bring additional value to existing equipment under operation.

 Since the release of the “neqto” service, an all-in-one IoT service, we have embedded the engine in various industries’ equipment and devices and extensively evaluated via multiple pilots and limited launches allowing us to now officially release it for use in a wide range of applications. We now launch an engine for bi-directional communication control, which allows application of IoT to equipment and the continuous input of learning models by leaving the control of more advanced processing like big data and deep learning processing to a cloud and selectively allowing control of functions that can be processed locally in the systems or machines on the edge side.

Sample applications of neqto IoT embedded engine include:
・  Improve efficiency of automatic facility management by controlling air conditioning and illumination equipment, which are used in large-scale commercial and building facilities
・  Improve efficiency of the equipment and sensors for pumps and tanks, often used for automating functioning, monitoring and detection of various parameters and levels
・  Improve efficiency of quality control (traceability) operations through tracking and monitoring in various types of logistics industries
・  Optimize procurement by understanding operation and real-time status of various types of rental construction machines and equipment

<Image of the Application of IoT to Equipment and Devices via the neqto Engine>

 To further encourage the adoption of the neqto engine across use-cases, JIG-SAW is committed to cooperate with various industry players and broaden & strengthen our partnerships-

・  Cooperation with players (such as OEMs, resellers etc.) that manufacture and/or provide equipment and devices to embed/incorporate the engine
・  Development of partnerships with microcomputer-related hardware developers, aiming to form win-win partnerships and jointly explore opportunities
・  Cooperation and partnership with system integrators and cloud platform providers

<About the neqto Engine Launch>
 Engineering samples of the neqto engine are now available for evaluation (neqto Module or neqto Bridge). You can request the samples by using Inquiry link below and start to take advantage of the power and convenience that only comes from the dedicated teams at JIG-SAW.

■ Inquiries regarding the launch of the neqto engine and partnerships

[About JIG-SAW INC.]
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・  Development of state-of-the-art chips and modules, communications control, and research and development of next-generation real-time OS
*  Offering A&A service for fully automating, distributing, and sharing all industries based on optimum automatic control and operation technology (OT)
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■ Company profile
Listing: Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market (Code: 3914)
Location: Tokyo Office: 18F 1-9-2 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
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Established: November 2001

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